The Law of Attraction or otherwise known as the “LOA” as plenty of hype going around. Many people are becoming obsessed with the thought of being able to control their lives simply by fantasizing about what they really want.

For those of you who have not yet heard of this new phenomenon the Law of Attraction states that if you focus your thoughts on anything whether the thoughts be positive or negative that is what you will manifest into your life.

To many, this means that they can change there lives without putting in any effort. Simply sitting around daydreaming and waiting for their dreams to come true.

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If you already knew about the LOA and are not one of these people then you can only be one of the other two. The first is the “Skeptic.”

These people don’t believe in the Law of Attraction saying that this can be a scientific theory since science can be proven and proven wrong. However, if you don’t believe and it is real then the LOA states that it works even without you consciously trying.

Meaning even if you don’t believe your thoughts are being manifested anyway. Plus, there is an explanation to the Law of Attraction.

It can all be explained by subjective reality.

Subjective reality is where there is only one consciousness and that’s yours. No matter what other people do or intend only come from your inner conflicts since you are the only one with consciousness.

However, just intending something or visualizing it won’t bring the LOA into play. The skeptics are watching the first group of people fantasizing about their wants and just waiting for them to happen. So of course they’re not going to believe in the LOA.

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