Global esports revenues to top $1 billion in 2019: report | Reuters

Back in 2016 in New York, the League of Legends (LoL) World Cup games drew 15,000 fans. At that time, the world community had already recognized the esports industry and global esports tournaments. However, a lot of countries buck this trend. Any sports discipline requires investment for development, but some investors do not pay attention to the hype regarding esports. They recognize the appeal of games, but are indifferent to the industry. 

Experts note that many types of businesses are developing much more actively: food and grocery delivery, car sharing, online education. There must be a company on the market that pays attention to the esports industry at all levels

Many investors are afraid to take risks, as investments may not return. The main reason is that at the initial stage, the main amount of funds will come after successful performances in esports tournaments. However, this requires that the players can show a cool result. And this will happen at an unstable pace due to the team’s lack of experience.  

                                  18, 000 events per year: esports with BETER 

BETER is a leading provider of sports and esports content that considers each esports discipline a very serious matter. The company powers tournaments by the ESportsBattle platform, which includes: 

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ESportsBattle builds a positive image of esports in the eyes of modern society. This initiative will attract investors. BETER also offers assistance in organizing tournaments for other companies and brands. Besides that, the brand provides clients with accurate odds and data that looks like a unique proposal.