The development of artificial intelligence and data analysis allows companies to effectively adapt products to the preferences of specific users. Personalization is the factor that additionally attracts the audience: the client can save time by receiving a high-quality and necessary product. 

BETER is the industry’s leading provider of next-gen betting content and data; spanning fast sports, esports, live casino products and gaming solutions. All brand’s products are designed with the new generation of players in mind, all delivered to boost engagement, retention and operator revenue.

The demand for such an approach is growing more and more since consumers are not aimed at mass production. However, there are not many companies on the market that provide truly personalized products, especially when it comes to the gaming industry and betting niche. Modern consumers expect fast solutions from this area as the new generation is accustomed to different speeds. Young people are used to watching videos with acceleration, quickly changing old products to new ones. The development of the new gaming industry exactly matches the modern generation mood. 

BETER offers the industry’s most comprehensive selection of high-velocity sports betting for the new generation of players, delivering speed and high bet rates. BETER provides live fast-sports betting games across 4 disciplines: darts, bridge, boxing and shootout. 

 Get ready to meet BETER at ICE London 2022

BETER knows what engages and excites, each of the brand’s verticals is tailored to deliver the new era of betting to suit a player that demands the best in tech, and even more importantly, what reflects the level of entertainment that comes from the video game world – fast-paced action. BETER is a reliable provider that delivers software, services, and products across any channel. The company has already partnered with 23 sportsbooks.

At ICE London 2022 BETER will showcase its new products: BETER Sports, BETER Esports, BETER Live, BETER Gaming. 


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