These, in turn, are usually achieved with a higher deposit and can bring very different advantages. For example, with a VIP account with a broker, the number of tradable underlying assets increases. Differences in trading costs or margins and spreads are also not uncommon.

There aren’t too many features, but the platform is generally more advanced than MT4 or MT5. The inexperienced trader can be easily confused by all the higher-level features. Still, if you know how to use it, ActivTrades platform can help you get very proficient at CFD trading. All of it means you’re up to a comfortable trading experience.

The staff appointed to help the confused and uninformed out are very patient and knowledgeable. The requests are getting approved and replied to very quickly. That’s literally a definition of a decent client service. You can explore them all in the ‘tools’ section under ‘platforms’ on the official website of ActivTrades. We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. ActivTrades is a London based broker specialising in Forex and CFD trading, licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority .

#3 Rated Best Canada Broker

Poor customer support is a great indicator that you shouldn’t bother with a particular provider. A good customer support is very often an indicator of an honest and transparent organization. The tools, however, are the technical instruments designed to improve your trading experience. Most can only be installed onto your MTs, which is a good reason to use them. There are also several basic tools and features to help you with the simple and advanced trading strategies and methods.

activtrades broker review

Various awards, such as an award for customer satisfaction, are distributed. We take a look at what the broker of our test has already been awarded from the highest place in the past. The MT4 is a flagman of modern trading, and the MT5 is its bigger brother with more tools and toys. It is a platform that enables you to look at up to 14 charts at the same time and monitor the current market trend very extensively.

On 7 February 2023 they closed my account and cancelled all profits I made. They wrote me they closed my account because they believe I violated clause 9.14 and for that reason they cancelled arbitrarely all my profits made in weeks and weeks of trade. In order to be as much activ trades review transparent as I can below my accounts credentials that everybody can check and see if I really did any “unfair” trade. It is a browser-based platform and is made in collaboration with TradingView. It can help clients to manage their positions via a standard PC or laptop.

There are already several tools installed on this MT4 version chosen by ActivTrades. There are useful charts, indicators and different info logs. There are also many optional ActivTrades tools that can be requested for your interface. As you can see, AT gives you a lot of room for trading and strategy-making. However, to make the most of it all, you have to know more about the tools featured here. The following overview should help you to find the best broker with the most individually suitable offer.

Types of trade and trading opportunities

Each broker provides its customers with its own trading software. This is designed to provide all the necessary information on the various courses in a clear and intuitive way. Usually, everyone can come to terms with the basic features of the software within a short time. We would also like to point out once again that dissatisfied customers are generally more inclined to leave a review than those who were really satisfied with the services of a broker. This phenomenon can be found in all companies, but especially those from the Internet.

In our test, we examine these educational opportunities in particular and say for whom the offer is suitable. Traders can only actively trade with a broker if they have made a certain minimum deposit. In most cases, participation is possible from about $ 100 minimum deposit. However, we would like to point out that only about 5% of the total capital should be wagered per position. This results in 5 dollars in this case, which seems pretty little.

CMC’s “Next Generation” platform is a feature-rich, web-based service. This includes CMC’s whole online product offering to the user, the popular MT4 platform, and a valid mobile application. CMC gives traders access to various products, including spread betting and CFDs, across numerous asset classes. One of the most crucial factors for a trustworthy forex service is regulation. Money transfer businesses must know all applicable rules, laws, and requirements.

The FCA has strict rules and ongoing audits and checks to ensure that a forex broker is responsible and that you are protected. Online trading has been revolutionized by ActivTrades since 2001. They have expanded our knowledge to cover commodities, shares, indices, cryptocurrency, ETFs, and bonds. Initially, they developed their experience by opening FX markets to retail traders. Nowadays, ActivTrades takes pride in being an actual multi-asset brokerage with excellent trading conditions and a variety of client-beneficial tools and services. Usually, brokers provide their clients with their own trading systems.

  • From this, it can basically already be seen how much experience a Forex broker has in his field and how reliable he is.
  • Recently, it updated the website and some conditions in a better way.
  • The entrance threshold is 10$.The more you deposit, the more chances to create a good risk management strategy you have, and the fewer risks you should take on yourself.
  • The processes we have are as simplified as possible for our traders to have more time to enjoy their trading at ActivTrades.
  • The overviews are too small to be able to make good decisions based on the courses.

Undoubtedly, it’s a very challenging task for any broker to implement services that will please everybody on the market. Still, we do our best to stand out from the crowd and ensure our clients an unforgettable pastime. Indeed, we try to make spreads tighter, as it may be handy for some customers to trade with increased efficiency.

I still continue trading, enjoying trading platform and earning funds. Any information or advice contained on this website is general in nature only and does not constitute personal or investment advice. The FCA, CSSF, SCB, BACEN & CVM, and CMVM regulate ActivTrades. Similarly, this indicator also projects several variables tied to the market trend. Unlike Template, this one can use the recent data to predict the possible price changes, so you don’t have to. Whenever the price of a product hits a boundary, it’s forced to easy be bought or sold automatically – very handy and simple.

We must therefore always look at the maximum lever in a differentiated way. Most providers are not only equipped for trading CFDs alone. Instead, they also include a part for currency trading and are therefore also to be called a Forex broker. Half the brokers out there don’t even let you withdraw your funds. They can have a form to do so, but, at the end of the day, your money will be gone. Some are more honest, but their over-the-top security makes sure it takes a lot of time.

Bitcoin Flip Trading Simulator – Get A Hang Of How Cryptocurrency Trading Works [Review]

As a result, there are no differences between the regulations of, for example, the BaFin, the FCA and CySEC. In principle, a regulation from a European country is worth no less than one from Canada. Unfortunately, there are still black sheep that do not have a license or whose regulation has not yet been issued. We would advise against registering there for the time being. With a license, a financial supervisory authority checks that everything is going right with a CFD broker. When it comes to the question of whether a particular provider is a fraud, the background check is crucial.

You can also filter the graph based on short time intervals like 1 min, 5 min, 15 mins to hourly and daily time intervals for an in-depth analysis. American global brokerage company Interactive Brokers LLC . According to the quantity of daily average revenue deals, it runs the most prominent electronic trading platform in the United States. The company trades stocks, futures, EFPs, futures options, FX, bonds, funds, and some cryptocurrencies. Active Brokers is the fifth-largest prime broker serving commodity trading advisors since it also targets them. In order to lure new customers, Forex brokers decide to draw attention to themselves with special promotions.

activtrades broker review

Safety is always a crucial factor to consider while working with money. Making an overseas money transfer can be a security risk, so you must protect your money against fraud and fraudsters. Based on the background research, we separated the eight best forex brokers for you, which are trustworthy and reliable to secure your funds if you start to invest in the forex market.

Top 8 Forex Brokers That Can Ensure The Security Of Your Funds

We have tested the largest and most promising Forex brokers and have taken a close look at every detail in order to be able to offer our readers a critical assessment of the services. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a broker, so we have tied our reviews to appropriate criteria. We check to what extent the trading software corresponds to what we would expect from such a program. In addition, we also test the mobile app of a provider, if it is available. Also at this point we would like to point out once again that the use of a mobile app is not recommended for beginners. The overviews are too small to be able to make good decisions based on the courses.

ActivTrades Canada

However, traders also slip just as quickly into the loss zone, from which they then have to fight their way out again. So choose a broker that offers a maximum leverage that suits your trading preferences. Also part of our background check is the question of how the company has presented itself to the public in the past.

When making withdrawals, customers must pay attention to applicable fees and costs that may be incurred per withdrawal. The best brokers offer at least one withdrawal per month completely free of charge. If you can handle your money and deposits well, you should be able to cope with it.