Email marketing is cheap and easy to do. The downside to it is that a lot of people don’t want to receive email due to the negative association with spam or junk mail. Here are a few marketing tips that you can test in relation to the content of your marketing emails so your customers will still want to receive them.

1. Clean up your subject line. Spam filters pick up certain elements on the subject line that indicate junk mail. These elements include having too many capital letters, too many exclamation marks, obvious spam words and spelling errors in the subject line. Spam words such as “free” and “cash” are easily filtered out.

For more spam word samples, just take a quick glance on your own spam folder. If your email have slipped past through the spam filters despite having spelling errors, unnecessary exclamation marks, and too many letters that are in caps, it still won’t be good for your business.

Having these elements will make your email, and therefore your company, look unprofessional.

2. Keep the content simple. Stick to one style in terms of visual layout and color. Be consistent with that style so your customers won’t be confused. Avoid using more than one font and do not use too many colors in your email as these things will make your email look unprofessional.

In this vein, flashy graphics and animation should also be avoided. These are also classic signs of spam that filters look out for.

Follow these marketing tips to maximize the impact of your email marketing strategy.

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