Are you interested in supporting a charity in Israel? A special gift that God has given you is compassion for others. Why do you support Israeli charities? Maybe you have asked yourself this question. Even with its prosperous economy, Israel remains the world’s poorest nation with 21% of its population living in poverty. The Israeli government has not provided adequate assistance to the poor. Many non-profit organizations offer assistance to Israel’s poor.


Israeli relief organization Meir Panim implements a variety of programs to eliminate hunger and despair among Israelis. We work to protect Israel’s women, children, and youth.


When We Support Israeli Charities, the Future is Better


Our goal in providing relief to as many Israelis as possible was to improve the lives of Israelis. Meir Panim runs soup kitchens, restaurant chains, and children’s programs to educate and provide nutritional support for troubled adolescents. He also operates a food-packing business. As well as distributing food coupons, the organization recycles furniture and discarded equipment.


Many people are escaping poverty with the help of Israeli charities.


These organizations can continue to do good work and help even more people break out of poverty by receiving donations from Israeli citizens and their international branches. What do you think? Will you donate to Israel?


Don’t Rely on Others – Participate in the Israeli Charitable Landscape


Thanks to our grocery cards and food packages, our customers can shop for groceries anywhere they want. Other prepaid cards are not compatible with cigarettes, wine, and other alcoholic beverages. Meir Panim prepaid cards can only be used to purchase groceries. Our goal is to eradicate poverty in Israel. Would you be willing to donate to Israel?


Humanity requires us to do so. Support Israel’s humanitarian efforts by donating! Help us build a better future with your donation.