Although the leather shoulder holster is often associated with the 1920s and 1930s gangster period, it was invented by Old West gun toters. Western shooters were able to seem “well-heeled” while avoiding drawing unwelcome attention because of the concealment that a shoulder holster provided.

The Texas Pattern, which is said to be the first form and made its debut somewhere in the late 1870s, was the most popular sort of shoulder rig used on the frontier. Ben Thompson, a shooter from Texas, did this with his weapon.

A thicker, two-ply rear panel was stitched (and sometimes riveted) to a curved, flexible, half-pouch leather scabbard for this shoulder holster. A shoulder strap with a loop and often a smaller strap fastened to the bottom of both sides of the harness held the rig in place. Contrary to modern rigs, there was no fastening strap attached to the holster’s toe, which made pulling slower and required two hands. A cunning shooter may carry his handgun half withdrawn if it seemed like violence was about to break out.

When it comes to carrying a hidden weapon, having the appropriate leather shoulder holster is essential. Do not let yourself be duped into purchasing the holster that seems to be the most stylish and fits your preferences. The holster you choose must have all of the following qualities: comfort, durability, convenience, and most importantly, safety.

Leather shoulder holster provides their users with two primary benefits, which are as follows:

They make it possible for you to quickly reach your firearm: Concealed carry is only effective if the firearm can be quickly accessed in an emergency; otherwise, there is no use in carrying it. Also, concealed holsters such as inside the waistband (IWB) holsters may sometimes become too constrictive, causing you to have difficulty extracting your weapon from the holster. A leather shoulder holster is quite useful in situations like this one. Unbutton and unzip your jacket, and you’ll be ready to leave in no time!

Shoulder carry, as opposed to inside the waistband (IWB), carry or pocket carry gives you the ability to access your weapon quickly and conveniently even while you are seated. If you require access to your handgun while you are driving a vehicle, this might be an exceptionally handy option for you.

It is considerably simpler to maintain discretion: Concealed carries customers have an ongoing challenge in the form of gun “prints,” often known as the visible impression left by a holster and visible through the wearer’s jeans or shirt. If you choose smaller clothes, as many people in the United States do, it might be quite difficult to securely hide a firearm on your person. On the other hand, if you have a shoulder holster, you won’t have to worry about anything. A leather shoulder holster is an ideal technique for concealing so long as the weather is cold and you may go about your day wearing a coat or jacket without drawing attention to yourself. This is the case when concealed carry is possible.

Shoulder holsters are a great option for small weapons, but you can also use them for Uzis, long-barreled firearms, and even machine guns. They also work for weapons with longer barrels. Shoulder holsters are an ideal answer for compact weapons. For the best possible cover, while concealing a long-barreled pistol or uzi, you may want to think about wearing a trench coat or a thick jacket. This will allow you to hide your weapon without drawing attention to it.